5/12/09 -AA Degree Fine Arts - South Florida Community College

  • Still-life studies

  • Traditional media

  • Master copies

Laura J. Wolfe

I'm a 27-year old Illustrator with a lot of ambition. Ever since I was a little girl drawing dragons and dinosaurs under my mother's desk, I was told that I was talented and had a gift for making art. It wasn't until I was in my Junior year of High School that I decided to become serious in my studies and get an education in doing what I loved to do. I've come a long way from where I began, but I still draw a few dragons now and then. I enjoy being challenged and finding new ways to express my ideas, including exploring a wide range of both digital and traditional media. Working with others is fun and exciting, but illustrating my world and the characters that live in it are what make me happiest.


5/9/14 -BFA in Illustration - Ringling College of Art and Design

  • Illustration
  • Figure Drawing
  • Painting
  • ​Sculpture

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